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Jun 21 13 2:54 PM

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Please help, our compressor only gives 110 to 120 psi

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Jun 27 13 5:46 AM

Model series,750-2 stage, truck mounted, compressor: type-rotary screw, max operating pressure-250psig (1723kPa), deliveliry @ 250 psig, 750 free CFM (21 m3/min.), cooling-pressured oil, lubricating oil, sump capacity-45 gals. (170liters),

Enine:8v-92 detroit diesel, rated speed 2100rpm, idle speed-1500rpm, horse power @85 degrees farenheight/500ft. Alt 260 (268 kw), 8 cylinders,

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Jul 3 13 1:21 PM

I am not familiar with this type of compressor. Does it sound normal when running? It could possibly be blowing down when on load. The blow down solenoids on top of the separator should be closed when on load. Have you checked this? Is the inlet valve 100% open when in load?

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Jul 11 14 4:05 PM

Check the regulator, bimba valve, and inlet valve, also like the gentle men before me stated if it is browning down at all times your just circulating air threw the system. Also if the regulator diaphragm is leaking it will give you all kinds of wacky pressures.

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