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Jul 3 13 7:53 AM

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I have a Sullair 185 compressor with a JD diesel engine and am having intermittent random shut downs.  It will run great for days an then every so often it will shut down while blasting.  If i go to try to start it up again without letting it cool it will not start. Any suggestions on where to start looking for problems.  Thanks for any help.

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Jul 11 14 4:01 PM

You are over heating. I'm a Sullair mechanic. It won't start until it cools down because the temp switch is still open. Once it cools down the contacts inside the switch will be touching again thus, completing the circuit. This goes for both the engine and compressor temp switches. This is an easy fix luckily.
- steam clean or blow out/ brush off the air-oil cooler of compressor
- check oil level in both the engine and compressor
- check coolant level of the diesel
- If none of those work (which is highly unlikely) and you absolutely need the thing running, jump out the temp switch until you can have someone look at it.

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Nov 6 14 8:41 PM

Oil levels

My 185 keeps shouting down after 5 minutes and blinks three times oil pressure but oil Levels are fine two days with problem after many days of great performance.

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