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Sep 20 13 8:55 PM

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Dear All,

I have a twin cylinder Gentilin air compressor C330/20, which is malfunctioning due to air leaking from inter stage safety valve.

During pumping air leaking and compressor running continually and trying to fill up the tanks until the desire pressure or cut out point (10bar) has reached. But it won't reached at cut out point because of air leaking, so it continually pumping and as the result air line and piston head are getting hot enough to burn if touched.

It happend during night time when no body was there to switch it off, So because of continuous pumping 60 micro fared capacitor explode and air supply hose to safety valve ruptured too.

Furthermore: Safety valve is the part of pressure switch not separate unit.
I have exchange NRV and pressure switch + safety valve assembly but with this new pressure switch+safety problem is still there.

Please be so kind and help me out regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance for your support!



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Nov 28 14 11:28 PM

Basically Gentilin air compressor was founded 30 yrs ago..Its features are mechanically unique.It offers state of art in the field of dental compressor.. It ia malfunctioning due to air leakage from inner side

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