Oct 17 13 6:32 AM

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So I found out about Dow's Uptime fluid back in April and it really is exactly the same fluid Dow was supplying to Sullair as Sullube 32.

Look at the Sullube 32 MSDS (from Dow) http://aircompressors.lefora.com/attach/view/ma/88585841f63eb6daace6b38ebd747dd74801208a.pdf
The UpTime MSDS http://media.wix.com/ugd//efcab7_d92a2c83fa2ee4532ffc918c19407836.pdf

We ordered a couple skids and have switched a bunch of machines to Uptime, basically anyone running Sullube 32 out of warranty.  Also, using it for converting competitive machines and anyone we converted to Sullube 32 before.  Not sure what Sullair was thinking by dropping Dow.  Their loss our gain.