Aug 10 14 3:32 PM

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Hhello guys new to the forum here.
I have an Ingersoll Rand 23ANLM that is not unloading properly on shutdown . This is a very basic single cylinder recip,.1 1/2 hp motor, but used on some critical medical equipment . Compressor is not equipped with a centrifugal unloader . Is supposed to vent thru crankcase vent on shutdown and will sometimes . If it does not I get the obligatory starter trip . Have spoken with IR factory support and pulled the head to inspect valves and look for a vent in the top of piston underneath the piston cap that is supposed to provide a passage for pressure to escape from discharge on shutdown . However there is no vent where thier info says it should be . Did clean out some sludge from top end while I was in it which seemed to help somewhat . Would like to know how machine actually unloads on shutdown. I have also removed and checked operation of discharge check valve that screws directly into tank . Any info is appreciated as this has both tech support and myself stumped for now . Machine is approximately 11 years  old .
Thanks in advance .