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Oct 22 15 2:47 PM

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First post and I'm asking for help already ! 
Picked up an Ingersol Rand, 150ltr 240v euro compressor abit ago. Tried it and everything seemed dandy, built air up, tripped in and out fine etc... Went to use it for the 1st time properly and........ Pop, spark + smoke.

Took the lid off the connection box and it's full of water : ( Seems it lived outside in all weathers in a past life. Dried it all out tried it again, seems to spark from the motor relay and the starter capacitor smokes and smells fried. 

Problem is I can't find any genuine parts for it and the spec printed on the capacitor is half worn off. Anyone know what spec cap I should replace it with ? I'm no electrician so learning as I go with this......

This was the initial fault. Since then I've replaced the starter cap with a 50uf as advised (does this sound about right ?) hooked it up and it started up as it should but as it reached something like running speed it again blew the starter capacitor to bits. 
Anyone got any ideas as to what the problem could be or where to look next ?
Arm in the contactor moves freely and isn't corroded shut.

Details of compressor are : 
Ingersoll Rand Euro compressor 
Model no. EN4D30
CPN. 92514207

Details of the top of the motor box :
Type. 1M90L2D
No. 5280/2
1P. 44
kW. 2.2
50 Hz
3 HP

Thanks in advance for any help,
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Apr 17 16 11:45 AM

hi there

50uf sounds about right to me for a 2.2kw 3hp, rings a bell to my own specs and cap of a similar compressor.

if it blows once up to running speed, which i assume takes around a couple of seconds?

could it be the main motor windings are shorted or corrupt from the damp ingress. Those main windings are coming into play once the cap has soft started the motor under start load, and when the motor centrifugal switch or relay clicks over from start to run, its connecting bad windings?

have i made sense?

some motors have a shaft mounted switch in the middle, others have a relay type switch up in the cap box, or elsewhere?

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