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Apr 17 16 10:52 AM

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Hi all, 

please help me with a query in using 2 x compressors alternately

I have a workshop with single phase 240v supply only, and not large amps either so i cannot run the 2 compressors at the same time.To enable me to do adequate shotblasting i want to run 2 x single phase air compressors, supplying a good constant cfm air supply topping up a number of linked tanks (compressor 1 is 200litre, compressor 2 is 200litre, and if i need it a further 270litre air pig)To improve the reliablility of the compressor motors and pumps, i would like to alternate the 2 compressors duty. They each come with the standard pressure related switch for cut off when the air tanks are at 140/150psi, and cut back in to "top up" at 100psi.Could i link in to these pressure cut in/out switches to make the compressors alternate the duty between them, so that they have some colling time and share the work equally?

I'm assuming this will take some contactor and require a trigger for changeover from the pressure isolators somehow, so ha sanyone done this or have any info to share please?Have i explained that project adequately?

Thanks in advance

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