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Feb 24 11 3:47 PM

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Feb 7 14 3:39 AM

Electrician/packaging-building maintenance tech

I was just asking google the same question. I just returned from Mich. City, IN. Where I received Sullair Factory Training. Needed the knowledge of theory and troubleshooting to help support our 2 TS 200 rotary comps. While at Sullair I learned they make the air ends for Atlas K. So I ask, does IR make a better machine?  

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Jul 11 14 2:21 PM


I am a life long air compressor mechanic, I'm not trying to brag at all but, I have worked on every and all makes of air compressor. Kaeser makes the best air compresor by leaps and bounds. They last the longest, they are the best designed and they save the customer a lot of money by being the easiest/ fastest to service. I currently work for a Sullair distributor in NH. Sullairs are way way over engineerd with little to no pay off. If you are in need of an industrial compressor........Kaeser is the way to go. What I'm trying to say is their are air compressors  and their are Kaesers.

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