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Jul 16 12 11:01 AM

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I have a pulp mill plant customer who has several Tandem Compressors which he is currently running Sullube 32 in.
He came across some information on the internet regarding compressor oil purifiers and all of the pictures and case studies talk about Sullair Tandems. TS32 and others.  Fluid Metrics is the compant.  Ever heard of them? 
He is looking for some more information and wants to know if they are worth installing and what advantages it would have.

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Jul 16 12 3:22 PM

I have seen these acid filters before. The intended use is for the technology is in highly contaminated environments where Sullube and other fluids go acidic before 8,000 hours. Installing these filters can allow customers to get the full life out of their fluid. I have seen cases where this works well.

The problem arises when the company selling the acid filters uses them to push the fluid life longer than its 8000 hr change interval.  The fluid's additive package wears down by 8,000 hours so even if a filter removes the acid the lubricant needs to be changed. The filters in this type of application are not recommended.

The filter replacement elements can get a little costly and need to be changed often but if used correctly can help your customer get the full life out of Sullube.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Jul 18 12 1:15 PM

Dow does not and has never supported the company Fluid Metrics. There was an issue in the past where an individual at Dow had answered some questions asked to him but all the "Dow approved" comments on the brochure are marketing spins pushing the legal use of the Dow's name to it's limits.  In fact the copy you have may be old and if Dow legal got their hands on it I am not sure they would be happy.

It is deceiving and this company should stop using this marketing technique, it makes them look untrustworthy. If they have a good product why all the "smoke and mirrors" snake oil techniques. This applies to any business in any field.

I still stand by what I said in my earlier post but wanted to clear up Dow does not support Fluid Metrics, and give my two cents on deceptive marketing.
Hope this helps.

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Dec 8 14 2:00 PM

Get Your Facts Straight

I'd like to correct several misstatements made by Adam, who obviously didn't do his homework before making his uninformed statements.  First, regarding Dow Chemical's endorsement of the ion exchange technology used in Fluid Metrics Compressor Oil Purifiers, Dow Chemical conducted more than 3 years of testing of this technology and determined it to be, "extremely effective at removing acids and extending the service life" of compressor fluids.  Furthermore, as a result of their extensive testing, Dow Chemical provided Fluid Metrics with a LETTER OF ENDORSEMENT (copies available) which states and I quote, "Dow fully endorses this technology" for use in the purification of air compressor lubricants.  Adam is talking to the wrong people at Dow and does not know of what he speaks.

Secondly, Adam is again misinformed about the Compressor Oil Purifier's (COP) use in extending oil service life past its rated 8,000 hours.  The acids removed by the COP are catalysts that accelerate oil oxidation and additive depletion.  By removing these acids, the COP retards additive depletion rates and helps maintain the oil's physical and chemical properties within their normal ranges well beyond 8,000 hours.  When additive depletion becomes a concern, Fluid Metrics also offers our XTEND Additive supplement which replenishes the oil's critical oxidation and corrosion inhibitors as they become depleted.  This combination of acid scavenging with the COP, and additive replenishment with XTEND, has enabled many of our customers to exceed 35,000 hours oil life, and one of our earliest users has exceeded 70,000 hour oil life! 

Anyone wanting to have an intelligent discussion about this technology, or air compressor lubrication in general, can give me a call (770-393-8636), or visit our website, for more info.

In closing, Adam owes the readers of this thread, and Fluid Metrics, an apology for his ignorance and for using terms like "deceptive marketing", "smoke and mirrors" and "snake oil".  Failing to admit wrongdoing and apologize, the readers would be more than justified to apply these same derogatory descriptions to Adam, and would also be well advised to disregard any and all of his comments pertaining to air compressor lubrication.

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