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Oct 15 12 11:48 PM

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I am trying though I haven't been able to program a Gardner Denver 75 HP compressor model EBM99F, to its full load capacity of 125 psi. It gets to 115 and stops there. Do you think it is about the control programming, software or something related? Please let me know. In the rest of the gardner denvers I have and are of less capacity in HP but have the same control, I can set them uo to 125 psi. Thanks in advance for your advise.

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Jul 7 13 10:51 PM

Is this with a good old pressure switch, or is the pressure set on a controller?

Can you not change the setting any higher, or does the compressor not reach the pressure.
Did you check with all outlet valves closed (no air consumption).

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Jul 11 14 3:54 PM

Open up the control panel, behind the controller ( on the back side of the door to the control panel) their is a tiny black switch. Flip it to the opposite side of where it is now. This will allow you to adjust the pressure using the digital read out on the controller.

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